Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Build Credibility To The Impact Of Your Marketing Efforts

Showcasing mechanization is the utilization of programming that robotizes monotonous undertakings that regularly take a ton of time, similar to email development, dribble crusades, and so forth.

Promoting robotization deals with these errands, helping sparing time and cash, which can at last help any business to develop.

Why it is important?

The few promoting works are currently being done effectively with the assistance of Marketing Automation. You can enhance each part of leads through redid approach for new prospect, existing clients and past clients.  

Aside from efficient and effectiveness benefits, promoting mechanization empowers business forms that are basic to any advanced advertising approach.

Reach the potential customer in the best way

Finding out who all are the potential buyers and reaching them in the most appropriate way.

Strike the right chord with leads that aren't ready to buy

Getting ahead with the prospects in the way they want and nurturing them to convert as customer in future.

Build a long term relationship with the existing customers

The marketer's job is not only getting new customers. For most industries, the real value comes from retaining and strengthening the relationship over time.

Measuring the marketing efforts

Not just open and click through rate, session time, but in-depth analysis of marketing program to see how the conversion rate is.

Why us?

At Zantech Solution, we have a team who are very consistent and can produce outstanding results by systematic testing, segmenting and categorizing the personalized strategies and analysis for different prospects based on their potentiality.

Make a smart choice for your business

Lead Management

It includes the categorization of the leads based upon their performance.

Email Marketing

Creation of responsive Emails and blasting campaigns.

Drip Campaigns

Core agenda of marketing to send quicker automatic response.

Responsive Landing Pages

Visually stunning landing pages to generate more leads.

Leads Tracking

Lead’s performance in website & landing pages.

SMS Marketing

Automatic SMS campaigns sent in order to engage leads.

Social Media

Analyzing the leads behavior in various social media.

Visual Ads

Targeting the leads with personalized display ads.

Marketing Analytics

Showcasing the much needed statistics that helps in developing new strategies.

We have dedicated team who have expertise in handling various marketing automation software.

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